reveal private facebook profile photos with just one click.

Want to reveal private albums? Checkout our Facebook page: Photo Revealer

We are improving the web detector, please submit the profiles for which it does not show the big pictures. If you want to be notified when your issue is solved please enter the email also, if not you can leave it empty.
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We also have a browser plugin for those who want to see private profile photos instantly. You will be able to configure the plugin as much as you want.

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Frequently asked questions

Q:What does a private facebook profile looks like?

R:Click to see an example profile

Q:I don't get you. Why do you even need such a tool?

R:Sometimes I am not sure if I do know certain people and the protected profile picture is too small in order to be able to figure out.

Q:Is it safe to use your service?

R:Yes, it is safe I don't store any of your requests.

Q:Do you track the data we send through your server? Will you use it for some statistics?

R:No, I will never track you! All your requests are secured and they will never be used to show to people that you are so curious.

Q:I like the website, what are the plugins for?

R:If you spend a lot of time on facebook you might be tired of coming here to reveal a protected picture. The plugin gives you the possibility to show the private picture with just one click.

Q:I installed the extension. What if I don't want the plugin to give the possibility of showing private pictures instantly?

R:On options page you can disable "Auto detect private photos" and you will be able to see the private photos only when you click on the plugin icon located in the top right corner.

Q:How do I enter the plugin options page in order to select my preferences?

R:Chrome :Just right click the plugin icon and select "Options". Firefox: Click on the button from bottom right corner.

Q:I have a lot of plugins installed. Is there a possibility not to show the plugins icon in the top right corner?

R:Sure. Hit right click on plugin icon and select "Hide button". If you want to show the icon again you should go to chrome extensions page.